research supervision

phd graduated students

Study of EEG rhythms as a contribution in sleep physiology and the pathophysiology of epileptic syndromes
Andreas Koupparis, Neurologist, MSc, PhD, University of Patras (2016)

phd students

Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in 2D Medical Imaging using Deep Learning
Dionysios Anyfantis, Electrical & Computer Engineer, MSc

Automatic detection and analysis of human brain activity during sleep using electroencephalogram (EEG)
Apostolos Michalopoulos, Electrical & Computer Engineer, MSc

master of engineering / science students

Study of the effect of neurofeedback mechanisms on brain rhythms using electroencephalography
Ioannis Stais, Medical School, University of Patras

graduate students

Control of robotic vehicle via brain activity
Pantazopoulos Theodoros, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept, University of Patras